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EUROASSET Ltd. is an authorized Russian agent for Finlands Stk Loghomes , a company that designs, manufactures and assembles turn-key log houses, and has been successful in this business since 1981.

EUROASSET Ltd. represents the Finnish company in Russia. We custom-design every home to meet the clients individual needs and wishes, so your new home will be built exactly the way you had envisioned. If you wish, we will lay out your future home for you the way you saw it in a dream.

We provide a turn-key consulting service on contract for both corporations and individuals.

EUROASSET Ltd. is manned by a team of superb professionals, equipped to handle any challenge.

Competitive rates, prompt service, top professionalism and a solid service portfolio are the pillars of our quality service to our clients.

EUROASSET Ltd. guarantees that all information received from the client as part of our engagement will be treated as strictly private and confidential.